An equal combination of platforming, puzzles, and absurdity, Jumping the Gun is an inventive application of Newton’s Third Law.

In order to navigate the 50’s environment, Shooty McShootface must utilize the recoil from firing, well himself, to hop around and navigate each stage.

Stay tuned for more updates!


Game Design Document

This step only includes the initial design before all the testing and prototyping. We expect the GDD to grow with the game. It is not a finished map that we follow but instead a map we create.

Source Control

Because of our remote nature source control in the cloud was imperative for a good workflow. We currently use Git as our source control.


Greybox Prototype

This prototype is the very early stages for game development. Here we do not care so much what it looks like but instead what it feels like and what the game flow is like.

Assets Prototype

On hold until further notice.

Alpha Version

Alpha Play Testing

Beta Version

Beta Play Testing

Release Version