Nicholas Aug/ 21/ 2019 | 0

Health Craze, Crazy Sick Workflow.

Hey, everyone!  It’s Nicholas again, here to check in for my dev blog post.  I’m tired but feeling well, I’ve been on a diet (I know, I know, bear with me here) and I’m feeling a ton better.  But I’m also pushing through a foggy week with the aid of my good friend, Caffeine.

But enough about my sick diet, onto my sick workflow upgrades!  We’ve transitioned from a primarily Google Drive-based workflow organization to Clickup, which is awesome.  It’s all web-based, I can issue tickets and assign tasks. AND IT HAS A DARK MODE. It’s super cool.

Other than workflow streamlining, I’ve been keeping at modeling assets, namely a stool and a table for our diner scene in Jumping the Gun.

The stool was EASY.  After modeling the avatar, modeling a circle on a pole was a piece of cake.  The model came together very quickly and adding the texture went so smoothly.

The table was just a bit more difficult because of those pesky corners.  It took a little more work to keep it looking pretty. We also had some real fun trying to import it into Unreal…  Lots of error messages and also no error messages, just Alt + F4ing.

We’re continuing on the graybox prototype!

Stay tuned for further updates!

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