Health Craze, Crazy Sick Workflow. Hey, everyone!  It’s Nicholas again, here to check in for my dev blog post.  I’m tired but feeling well, I’ve been on a diet (I know, I know, bear with me here) and I’m feeling a ton better.  But I’m also pushing through a foggy
Foundation, Motivation, Animation. Hi there, everyone!  It’s Nicholas here, chiming in for the weekly development blog post.(Don’t pay any attention to all those weeks without one, we’re still sorting everything out). Foundation It’s been a really busy week, especially as I’m learning, finally, to healthily balance me-time, work, and game
One of the most common questions in game development is,“How do I get started?”A common, well-repeated answer is,“Just start doing the thing!” This definitely isn’t the first time that someone has talked about this. But, we thought it’d be interesting to explore the unique ways it’s worked out in Jumping
Most of the time, especially with a small company, starting with a smaller scope can lead to a better game. A Smaller Scope With a smaller scope, game developers can hone in on what makes the game special. A smaller scope can also lay the groundwork to create a more