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Foundation, Motivation, Animation.

Hi there, everyone!  It’s Nicholas here, chiming in for the weekly development blog post.
(Don’t pay any attention to all those weeks without one, we’re still sorting everything out).


It’s been a really busy week, especially as I’m learning, finally, to healthily balance me-time, work, and game development.
But I have this upcoming Monday off, so I’m looking forward to that.

I’ve been shifting my game development work to the weekend, as opposed to trying to work on it throughout the week.  This is part of a greater theme I’m figuring out, and that’s focus. Splitting up my work and game development and not letting them intermingle has really helped me stay sane.  Keeping them apart allows me to focus on each one individually and give it 100% of my attention.  I know that sounds pretty self-evident, but it’s an amazing development for me.

It’s a whole lot like building a Jenga tower.  Trying to get stuff done without a strong foundation just doesn’t work.


I’m also learning the importance of self-care and doing fun things.  Again, another self-evident thing but hang in there with me. During college, I worked and worked and worked. I didn’t really give myself a chance to do stuff I loved, and my work began to degrade.  But, it turns out that keeping yourself sane is REALLY important for getting your work done! I mean, just recently, I stayed up until 1 A.M. binge-watching Troll Hunters on Netflix. Then, I got up the next morning and got a ton of stuff done.

Balancing everything is key to keeping my motivation up.


I’ve been working on modeling the player character this week.  I have to say, it’s looking good.

The whole team is sticking to working together and we are slowly but surely achieving our goals.  Look forward to more regular posts!


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