ANti: Virus Destroyer

Some Game-play



Anti: Virus Destroyer is a fast-paced, single-player 3D platform shooter.  As Anti, your sole goal is to bring ruin to every virus in sight, defending your country from digital intrusions.

You play as a new kind of antivirus designed with the capabilities to adapt to any conceivable situation, effectively being the first semi-artificial intelligence. Move, jump, and shoot viruses to clear each level, manipulate switches to alter the environment around you, and grab checkpoints to temporarily save your progress in case you are destroyed.

More enemies and obstacles will appear to challenge your goal of ultimate virus destruction.

Clear all of the systems and purge the virus threat!

“Wonderfully fun experience! Loved every minute. Challenging and rewarding, this is a puzzle game you probably won't wanna miss!” ~ Slinky

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Nicholas Likiardopoulos: Lead Game Designer

Nicholas has been working on games since 2008.  He strives to make an impact on the video game industry by creating  a place where fantastic games are created by well treated employees and partners. He currently attends school in Brookline, MA.

Martin M Vanstipdonk: Composer

Martin has fiddled around with game development for quite a while, tinkering with Game Maker. A few years ago, Martin began to delve into the all-consuming depths of music theory and performance. He then began to write horrendously awful pieces of music. He honed his skills and now isn't as terrible. Martin is now a Freshman in college in Tulsa University.

Daniel Likiardopoulos: Game Designer

Daniel is one of the company's game designers who's aim is to create worlds that people will enjoy. His passion is business management and his favorite games are League of Legends and Super Smash Brothers.